We are very happy that you have managed to find your way to this page. It means you care. 

We, at Dolly J, have always believed, fashion can never be limited to just clothes.

We want to create a positive change through our brand and want people to associate our brand with sustainability for us and our future generations. We are determined to pursue continuous improvements for the sake of our environment and ethics.  

We are immensely proud to share our journey with you and look forward to your continuous support

Our Craft

At Dolly J, our clothes capture a lifestyle that mirrors today’s India, an unapologetic fusion of the cultural and the contemporary. We believe in staying true to the traditions that have built this legacy while moving forward into a more fearless world. We imagine traditional crafts in a contemporary language, making it relevant for women across all ages and sizes.

To us, it is not just the garment that is important, but also the story behind it – from using sustainable fabric to sharing the experiences of our tailors and karigars. We hope you fall in love with not just the beauty of our pieces, but the narratives that created them.

Our Vision

Our mission is to celebrate the heritage that gives our clothes its authenticity and character. By using Parsi embroidery and thread-work, we celebrate the rich tradition of textile that has thrived in India since centuries. We operate with absolute transparency about our methods and workers, and we hope to celebrate the different traditions that make them unique. Our karigars add their own charm to each piece by hand stitching it, their stories echoed in the weaves of the fabric.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable world, and use organic and natural material for all our garments, which we then transform into handwoven fabrics. We believe that fashion has to exist in correspondence with the past and the future. As much as it is our responsibility to celebrate the past, it is equally important for us to protect the future, and in keeping with this, we make it our mission to operate with sustainable practices.